GREAT Content Does One of Six Things


In the overcrowded world of marketing how do we create great content that gets noticed?


Digital marketing is becoming increasingly more complex, with brands churning out content every second of every day. The majority of the time this content isn’t acknowledged, let alone read. With our ever decreasing attention spans, marketers have a harder job than ever before to get their points across.


So how do you create great content that matters?


My brilliant mentor Jeremy Waite taught me this fantastic rule about a year ago, and it’s excellent advice that all brands should use in order to succeed with their content marketing strategy.


Great content does 1 of 6 things: 3 for the head and 3 for the heart.


Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 18.56.07


If you can tap into or engage your audience’s heads (logic) and or hearts (emotion) then you’ve already created a successful piece of content, people prefer to share emotions not facts. Don’t get me wrong, people share facts however only if they have an emotional attachment to them.


So when you next create a piece of content, have a think, does it tap into the head or the heart? Does it do any of the following…


  • Educates?
  • Informs?
  • Solves problems?
  • Challenges?
  • Entertains?
  • Inspires?


If you are able to say yes to one or more of the above then you’ve achieved a great piece of content.


To learn more or discuss in more detail do reach out at anytime!


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Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Originally posted – Nov 2015 –








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