Cannes 2016

This post is admittedly a little late, however Cannes is a hard event to forget in a week.


Cannes the renowned  festival of creativity kicked off this year like many before it jam packed with agencies, celebrities, technology, parties and sunshine. However this was a view from a distance. This is the feeling and impact I felt online whilst supporting a client at the event. The excitement from the event floor was reflected online with millions of tweets, Youtube clips, Instagram images and Snapchats appearing everywhere.



However on Thursday of the event  after spending hours in the week surfacing relevant content the key themes were surfacing: VR, cutting through clutter, creating content with meaning, storytelling, creating relationships with meaning. All adding up to the fact that brands are competing for attention spans. Attention spans that The Telegraph reported in March of this year has now been reduced to 8 seconds, which is less than a Goldfish, the cause is- the smartphone revolution.

These key themes I noticed were the same or very similar (Just phrased differently) key themes that the famous Kevin Roberts, former CEO Worldwide at Saatchi & Saatchi and writer of Lovemarks. (If you haven’t read it I can’t recommend it enough) posted in his book.

Brands can no longer cope with some of the most important challenges we face today as marketers, producers, traders and business people.

  • How to cut through the information clutter
  • How to connect meaningfully with customers
  • How to create integrated experiences
  • How to convince people to commit for life
  • How to make the world a better place.”

This book is now 11 years old, however the content is still very relevant today highlighted by Cannes. Supporting the argument that marketers are still living in an attention economy, which is only decreasing at a vast rate. None the less we need to take onboard Kevin’s advice.

Stop racing after every new fad and focus on making consistent, emotional connections with customers. If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.”

Traditional techniques in marketing are still as important as ever before, now we just enhance them with a digital layer.






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