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Not a great reader at school but when it came to my dissertation I finally found the love for reading! A little late I know but it’s down to two men really, Brain Solis and Seth Godin.


The first two books I read for my dissertation and fell completely in love with and discovered Brian and Seth are….


Brian SolisEngage 

Seth GodinPurple Cow



If you’ve not read either of these books or authors blogs I strongly recommend you do. They each provide unique new ways of thinking and approaching that not only apply to marketing tasks, but the over all business and leadership. They have both, and continue to, inspire the way I think and work.

I’ve been very privileged and been able to meet the one and only Brian Solis 3 times, each and every time he inspires me that little bit more. Reigniting my curiosity and desire to become a better marketer in our rapidly changing digital environment.


Books that don’t age:

Two books I’ve read and always dip back into are:

  • Lovemarks – Kevin Roberts
  • How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie (First Published October 1936)

Both books date back, however they are both still very relevant today, as marketers and brands are still making the same mistakes that these books feature, even thought they where first published 12-80 years ago.



Additional must reads advised and mentioned to me via my mentors (Jeremy, Ted and Martin)





My  all time favourite read has to be Significant Brands by Jeremy Waite. An inspiring, thought provoking, and very well laid out book. One that I find myself picking up time and again, for a quick reminder or bit of wisdom to kick start the day!

In fact here’s a nice quick piece from the book:








I hope you’ve enjoyed my book list, check them out if you haven’t all ready and if you’ve got any thoughts reach out to me anytime on Twitter via @rblackmore91 



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  1. Its true the young can teach the old, my lovely daughter continues to amaze me and provide the motivation to explore new avenues – in this case my reading list

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