The Surge of Pokémon Go

Today it feels only relevant to post about Pokémon Go as it’s all I’ve heard about since Sunday, and now it has it’s own dedicated snapchat story, which means there is no escape.

Pokémon Go the 20 year old franchise which has now been married with augmented reality (AR), allows users to physically roam around their local area, whilst seeking virtual Pokémon game characters via their smartphone screens.





According to Reuters it’s already been installed on over 5% of active Android devices in use in the U.S., making it more popular than Tinder. With its daily active user population already larger than that of Twitter, and time spent in-app is around an astonishing 43 minutes. It doesn’t stop there the app has now topped the “most downloaded” charts for both the Android and Apple app stores faster than any other game in history, according to the FT.


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 15.47.22


Nintendo’s reward a new market value of $28Bn and rising. Up 24.5% yesterday to $193 — (Highest one-day surge since 1983). Even Angry Birds didn’t have this much impact.



I hear you now, just why has it become so successful so quickly, the reason is in the title GO. The ability for users to get up and physically go into their surrounding areas and find the Pokémon, makes not only for a fun activity, but also for incredibly shareable content. With friends sharing posts about the activity on all forms of social media, accelerating WOM through the digital landscape at an alarming rate.


  • Highlights the promise for mobile gaming to live on.
  • Supports that AR still has a place.
  • Most importantly it makes us move.

We are now a culture glued to our smartphones which traditionally critics would highlight, that we sit on them being lazy and anti social. With most of us checking our phones on average 85 times per day. However could the success of this combination now make for new routes to market for fitness? Could this combination now make using AR to demonstrate and test sensitive situations a common form of practice? Could this combination engage a more social culture?


We will have to wait and see……..



Thanks for dropping by and taking a read, any questions do drop me a note anytime or reach out to me via @rblackmore91 on Twitter.



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